Robyn Drebenstedt

Teacher of the Deaf

Robyn Drebenstedt serves Carter Hears! as a Teacher of the Deaf. She graduated from Converse College in 2014 and began her career in Lexington County. She taught there for six years before joining the Carter Hears! team in 2020.

Robyn is fluent in sign language and has worked with students who use a variety of communication modalities. She has a passion for language acquisition and self-advocacy. She believes that a strong language base is integral to academic success. Whether parents choose spoken communication or manual communication for their children, Robyn believes that an early, intentional, and consistent language model is necessary for students to prosper. One of Robyn’s greatest joys in life is seeing students build functional and academic communication skills.

In her free time, Robyn enjoys crafting and thrifting. She lives in Newberry, SC with her family.