Celebrating 10 Years of Carter Hears!

Carter Hears! Through the years

We've been changing the face of deaf education since 2013. Learn more about our origins and the story so far.


Carter Hears! is founded by Mariann Carter.

A picture of Mariann Carter in a yellow chair


The OG team is formed!

A picture of the original Carter Hears team


Carter Hears! attends it's first national level conference: National Hands and Voices Leadership Conferences, New Brunfels, TX.

Three Carter Hears! team members at their first national level conference


Mariann Carter presents at National AG Bell. Carter Hears! welcomes it's first SLP and launches the Language Facilitator Model.

An outdoor photo with four women and an indoor photo with two women


Carter Hears! begins semi-annual retreats, reaches 10 team members, and develops interpreter management services.

Two selfie style photos of the Carter Hears team overlapping each other. There are three people in each photo.


Carter Hears! presents at SC council for exceptional children.

A Carter Hears! Table hosted by two women


Carter Hearts! hosts it's inaugural Educator Series.

A group photo from the first Carter Hears Educator Series


Carter Hears! ensures connection during the pandemic

Some of the Carter Hears! team holding laptops to demonstrate remote sessions


Carter Hears! reaches 15 team members, wins awards and launches language facilitator presentations at SERID.

Carter Hears team posing with an award outside


Carter Hears! establishes continuum of services design and reaches best ever attendance at Educator Series.

A group photo of Educator Series attendees


Carter Hears! first EIPA cohort with record breaking results and receives the community service award from the South Carolina Association for the Deaf.

Two photos of the Carter Hears! team receiving an award

2024 And Beyond

We're super excited to see what 2024 has in store for Carter Hears!
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