Our Mission

We believe that all children, specifically children with hearing loss, reach their potential in academic, social, emotional, functional, and spiritual avenues through conducive learning environments.

CH Values:

Carter Hears team posing with an award outside

Why Carter Hears!?

We fill a gap in deaf education by tailoring our services to the needs of each entity through effective leadership from a collaborative team that truly makes a difference in the lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.


Working Smarter, Not Harder

Our team is efficient and provides better outcomes for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students by using data, research, and best practices.

A group photo of Carter Hears all wearing matching grey tops

​National and Statewide Conferences

The staff of Carter Hears! attends national and statewide conferences in order to provide our students with cutting edge, innovative and quality services through a broader scope of practice.

Educational Roundtable

Carter Hears! actively participates in comprehensive discussion involving all facets of our students’ education. Our team’s diverse backgrounds provide unique intentional opportunities to cultivate a variety of approaches when working with children who have hearing loss. We are knowledgeable, problem-solving, and data-driven educators with the backing of strong credibility.

Learn more about our origins on our history page
Our History