Laryssa Martin

Teacher of the Deaf and Educational Interpreter

Larrysa Martin has been with Carter Hears since 2021 and is a certified Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education-Deaf and Hard of Hearing from Converse College in 2001, she has enjoyed her time in the field as a teacher, teacher assistant, interpreter in the educational and general community, and pursued various volunteer opportunities.

Her teaching experience includes a wide range of students from (kindergarten to high school) at two different schools for the deaf and a charter school. These experiences involve self-contained classes, teaching core subjects, functional English and math (life skills), and a resource model focusing on student goals. She also completed graduate level courses at Gallaudet University which provided language and culture immersion that has helped to shape her into the teacher she has become today.

Larrysa has used her knowledge to train teachers and fellow colleagues on technology campus wide, become a guest lecturer in a class at Gallaudet University discussing Deaf Plus, has been a mentor and evaluator for ADEPT and was named the 2010-2011 Employee of the Year at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind.

Larrysa’s passion is working with a wide range of abilities in language development, academics, and life skills. She believes that every single student can succeed, enjoys the challenge of figuring out what works for students to help them learn at their level, and supporting them as they continue to grow. She also believes that any accomplishment, big or small, deserves a celebration and seeks to help students develop a sense of pride in themselves. She looks forward to teaching, encouraging, and supporting students as they navigate their school career and prepare for their future.

Larrysa currently lives in Columbia, SC and enjoys cooking and baking, crochet, as well as other crafts and spending time with friends and family.