Kandice Hunt

Head of Operations

Kandice Hunt, M.Ed  joined the Carter Hears! team in 2016. She is a triple certified teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Head of Operations at Carter Hears!. In 2010, Kandice graduated from Converse College with a Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Education. In November 2018, she graduated from the American College of Education with a Master’s in Education in Educational Leadership. Prior to working with Carter Hears, she worked for a public school district for six years, designed a hub program for students in need of intensive language instruction, and established a sign language facilitator position. Her teaching experience includes preschool through high school that worked with students in itinerant and resource models. 

As a sibling of a Deaf adult, Kandice always had a heart for teaching and for working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. Her passion for early language development, supporting parents, and creating change is evident in her work. She especially enjoys watching her students grow with success over the years. She is experienced in working with students who communicate through listening and speaking, multiple modalities, and American Sign Language. She also has extensive training in and works with various hearing technologies—hearing aids, cochlear implants, and FM systems. 

In addition to leading operations for the Carter Hears! team, Kandice coaches teachers of the deaf and language facilitators by working collaboratively with school districts to develop cohesive programming and develop their continuum of service design. While at Carter Hears!, Kandice has worked alongside team members to develop a structured, researched and evidence based, language facilitator model and has been invited to speak at regional and national conferences. 

In her spare time, Kandice enjoys crochet, cross stitch, reading, and spending time with her family. She currently resides in Lexington, SC with her husband and family.