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Educational Support to Public, Charter, Private, Virtual, Hybrid, and Higher Education Institutions 

As a regional and globally recognized award-winning educational consultant for deaf and hard of hearing individuals, Carter Hears! works collaboratively with educational organizations to meet the unique learning, communication and language needs of children, youth, and young adults who are deaf or hard of hearing in school settings throughout the Southeast and beyond. 

When developing an appropriate educational program for an individual or student with hearing loss, it is critical that his or her language needs are carefully considered.  This focus allows teams to determine the appropriate communication medium for learning information and interacting functionally with the world. 

Educational Consultation

The Carter Hears! team assists schools and higher learning institutions through comprehensive or a la carte contracts. It is vital to note that being directly assessed, supported, coached, or taught by an individual who is certified in this area of expertise, fluent in the chosen mode of communication, and experienced in working with deaf and hard of hearing individuals is crucial in obtaining an accurate assessment, delivery and methodology of success.

Areas of Service

Teaching Services 

  • Certified and “language qualified” (LQ) Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, who attend local and national conferences with cutting edge ideas and skill sets 

  • IEP Compliance services 

  • Educational evaluations and eligibility determination that consider whole child development 

  • Knowledgeable access to educational roundtables of professionals, researchers and other notable professionals in the field of hearing loss

Coaching Services 

  • Core Competencies for Teachers of the Deaf and Language Facilitators based on research 

  • Train and evaluate Teachers of the Deaf, Speech-Language Therapists, Language Facilitators, and Interpreters and their role within the educational support of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing child/student 

  • Hearing Assistance Technology training 

  • Assessment and Evaluation Training for progress monitoring and evaluations that target whole child development 

Speech and Language Services-Auditory Verbal Track and Bi-Lingual 

  • Targeted and coordinated language development for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students 

  • Therapists trained in Auditory Verbal Therapy 

  • English/Spanish Bi-Lingual Therapists 

Language Facilitators-ASL, Oral, and Bi-Modal 

  • Innovative and targeted model for language development with students that is developmentally designed to close the language gap 

  • Language Models that work to implement intentional language development in partnership with the Teacher of the Deaf 

Sign Language Interpreters 

  • Interpreter Management and Coordination 

  • Short-term and Long-term substitutes 

  • Virtual Interpreting 

Technology Management 

  • Inventory Tracking System 

  • Beginning and End of Year Equipment Management 

  • Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Account Support 

Continuum of Services Design 

  • Review and evaluate current Deaf and Hard of Hearing programming options within a school or district 

  • Support and recommend an appropriate Continuum of Services based on the unique needs of the district 

  • Train and implement with fidelity high-quality, research and evidence-based, innovative techniques that are consistent across the continuum 

Professional Development 

  • Educator Series 

  • Interpreter and Facilitator Training and Support 

  • Presentations of current research and best practices 

  • Virtual Training Modules 

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