Educational Support to Public, Hybrid and Virtual Schools as well as Higher Education Institutions

As your educational consultant for deaf and hard of hearing individuals, Carter Hears! will work collaboratively with families and educational organizations to meet the unique learning, communication and language needs of children, youth, and young adults who are deaf or hard of hearing that are being educated in their local school districts or communities of learning.


When developing an appropriate educational program for an individual or student with hearing loss, it is critical that his or her language needs are carefully considered.  This focus allows one to determine the appropriate medium for learning information and for interacting functionally with the world around them.

Educational Consultation

The Carter Hears! team provides assistance to public schools and higher learning institutions through consultative contracts.  Comprehensive evaluations are conducted in the students preferred mode of communication.  Being directly assessed by an individual who is certified in this area of expertise as well as experienced in evaluating deaf and hard of hearing individuals is crucial in obtaining and accurate assessment.


Areas of service include:


Teaching Services

Certified, Trained, Competent Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, who attend local and national conferences with cutting edge ideas and skill sets, IEP Compliance, Knowledgeable Access to Educational Roundtable


Coaching Services

Train and Evaluate Teachers, Equipment training, Excellent Resource for New Teachers, Assessment Training and Evaluation


Speech and Language Services-AV Track

Targeted, Trained in Auditory Verbal, Coordinated Language Development


Language Facilitator-ASL and Oral

Guidance and Support, Language Model, Intentional Language Development


Technology Management

Inventory Tracking System, Beginning and End of Year Equipment Management, Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Account Support